A Beautiful big wave surfer surfs naked for ESPN.


© Francesco Carrozzini
The softly spoken beautiful young woman is no stranger to SA having spent some time here in the past. Only she was here to surf waves you or I would want no part of out at Dungeons. So shedding her kit for a magazine shoot couldn’t have been that hairy for the Brazilian charger who nearly drowned last year at Teahupoo in arguably the heaviest day ever surfed there. She has rebounded from that and is now to be found roaming the world looking for the largest swells she can find to ride. No one could ever accuse her of being faint hearted that is for sure!

© Francesco Carrozzini

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Posted by Warren L on the 16/07/2012 10:18
Nice fins!

Posted by Gareth Sepp on the 16/07/2012 10:56
Where is the video?

Posted by Warren on the 19/07/2012 21:43
Hey ladies, white water doesn't make your arse look big!!!

Posted by Warren on the 19/07/2012 21:44
Nice Brazilian, or is it just the angle...

Posted by Jesus on the 24/08/2012 17:14
hey what up monster its Vince Thomas in pamnaa its been awhile since we paddled out but just wanted to say you are killin it!!! ..I remember when Chip was alive we all went out to the pier ,yall ripped I looked like crap compared to yall .tha ol' days peace